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    Membership Criteria

    Full members

    1. Excellence in the field of research in Israel-those involved with active, independent and significant research with clear findings and achievements as reflected in articles with a high impact factor and/or concepts that led to important and influential scientific insights and which received national and international recognition.
    2. An MD degree and specialist certification and licensed to practice medicine in Israel.
    3. Active work in the Israeli health system, currently or in the past.
    4. Commitment to actively participate in the work of the Academy.
    5. Residency in Israel.

    Honorary members

    Leading scientists from Israel or abroad who do not actively practice medicine and who have advanced medicine through groundbreaking research, and who are willing to be active in the Academy.

    Emeritus members

    Members of the Academy who have reached age 75.

    Ex-officio members

    1.  IMA president
    2. Chair of the Forum of Deans of Medical Faculties in Israel