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    Bio-medical research performed by clinicians is a cornerstone in the advancement of medical treatment and research. The physician researcher has a unique viewpoint, which stems from the treatment of patients, and historical experience shows that the clinician-researcher is an essential bridge between basic research, important in and of itself, and clinical implementation.  Bio-medical research performed by clinicians is also important for the bio-medical industry and for innovation in general. In addition, patients who receive treatment in an environment in which active research takes place receive better treatment.
    Despite national and international recognition of the importance of research performed by physician-researchers, the situation in Israel is lacking. There is no national policy on this issue and there is almost no designated funding for this purpose, whether for the research itself or to free up the physician from clinical duties in order to allow him or her to concentrate on research.
    Physician-researchers in Israel work under conditions of overwork in medical institutions whose primary function is to provide medical treatment, and there is no general policy for the encouragement and support of physician-researcher tracks. The encouragement of such research is a challenge facing countries all over the world, but there are additional issues unique to Israel. This situation is discussed at length in the report of the Israeli Academy of Sciences.

    For the position paper of the Israeli National Academy of Science in Medicine