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    Congratulations to Academy physicians recognized as best in the country

    Congratulations to the Academy physicians who were awarded top places in the list of top scientists in Israel and around the world on the website Research.com (https://research.com):

    In the field of Neuroscience:

    Prof. Nir Giladi

    Prof. David Yarnitzky


    In the field of biology and biochemistry:

    Prof. Karl Skorecki

    Prof. Eithan Galun

    Prof. Eyal Benin

    Prof. Benjamin Reubinoff


    In the field of genetics:

    Prof. Gidi Rechavi


    In the field of immunology:

    Prof. Ron Dagan

    Prof. Gal Markel (from the Young Academy)


    In the field of medicine:

    Prof. Nir Giladi

    Prof. Ron Dagan

    Prof. Gidi Rechavi

    Prof. Gad Rennert

    Prof. Moshe Phillip

    Prof. Raanan Shamir

    Prof. Eyal Sheiner