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עמוד בית
Wed, 19.06.24

December 2018 - Mental Helath/ Issue Summery

The field of mental health in the IDF has already begun to operate
In the War of Independence, and in fact constituted an infrastructure
Also for the development of the civil psychiatric service.
These historical facts sharpen her perception
Of the Department of Mental Health, and the Medical Corps
As a whole, as a body with a pioneering consciousness in all matters
The state of health of adolescents in military service,
In both physiological and psychological contexts. Formation
The infrastructure for understanding processes and developing plans
Prevention has always been adapted to the relevant areas
To Israel, but in retrospect it turned out that so did armies
Others around the world are interested in the accumulated knowledge
In the Medical Corps, and in it's Mental Health Department.

The articles in this issue of "Journal Of Military Medicine," which is entirely dedicated to
 mental health, a diverse study, developed from
Necessary and entirely related to issues of distress prevention and morbidity.
The first chapter oncerns research in the areas of suicide prevention in battle
Soldiers, presentation of the phenomenon and acquaintance with what is happening in the American army.
For example, the article "Suicides and suicide attempts among soldiers
IDF, which presents the findings of a comprehensive study conducted in the department
The article indicates a sharp decline, of more than 50%, in the rate
Suicide among IDF soldiers, since 2006 and throughout the last decade.
These impressive figures are supported by a report from the Ministry of Health indicating
On a decrease in the suicide rate among adolescents, and especially in the group
Age 21-18 years, along with a special reference of the report to the decline
In the suicide rate using weapons. "Military Medicine" Issue
In front of you contains original and fascinating research from what is happening in the department,
Example of the article "The Diagnostic Process and Principles of Treating Stress Disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder in the Medical Corps' Combat Response Unit
Or "Suicide risk factors among soldiers of Ethiopian descent,"
Based on quality findings from statistical processing in samples

Lt. Col. Dr. Leah Shelef
The guest editor
"Journal of Military Medicine", Mental Health Issue

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