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עמוד בית
Tue, 16.04.24

July 2020 Corona II - Issue Summary

These days, the whole world is changing, and is being reshaped infront our eyes. In doing so, as members of the medical world, we are committed to change with it, and be prepeared to the medical challenges that the future holds. However, as corpsmen medical staff we are at the same time committed to the preservation of the legacy of the corps.

Preparing for the future is the heart of this issue, mostly adressing the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.
In this issue we learn about the most effective ways to defend ourselves from the best experts in Occupational Health, In the article by Dr. Nili Greenberg et al .
In the article of Dr. Leah Shelef et al. "Mental adjustment and challenges at work in a capsule configuration among permanent members of the Air Force " we can be updated On the way to the operational readiness of Air Force teams provided
The new challenging conditions, as well as in the article of a medical array the teeth as well as of pre-arranged medical personnel at the Home Front Command for predicted scenarios.
Another article by a team of researchers led by Dr.Shelef presents a comprehensive literature review while discussing the issues involved in dealing with the mental distress that the Corona disease awakens among every person, and especially among health care workers - anxiety and fear to get sick, the anxious wait for the results of the test of the carriers, the tensions accompanying the stay in home insulation and more.


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