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Thu, 25.07.24

Orginal Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 6, June 2004
pages: 339-341

Transinguinal Laparoscopic Examination: An End to the Controversy on Repair of Inguinal Hernia in Children


    Background: Contralateral exploration of the groin has been common practice among pediatric surgeons for nearly 50 years, based on the high incidence of patent processus vaginalis on the contralateral side with the potential for the subsequent development of a hernia.

    Objectives: To evaluate transinguinal laparoscopic examination of the contralateral side during repair of inguinal hernia in children in order to reach a decision regarding exploration of the contralateral side.

    Methods: Over a of 21 month period 124 children with unilateral inguinal hernia underwent laparoscopic evaluation of the contralateral groin. The operations were performed under general anesthesia as ambulatory procedures.

    Results: Transinguinal contralateral laparoscopic exploration was positive (patent processus vaginalis) in 26 children (21%) and negative (closed processus vaginalis) in 88 (71%). Failure to introduce the telescope occurred in 10 patients (8%) due to a friable or narrow hernia sac. Twenty-five children below 2 years of age were spared exploration of the contralateral side as a result of the negative laparoscopic examination. On the other hand, 15 children aged 2–17 had their contralateral groin explored because of a positive finding at laparoscopy.

    Conclusions: Transinguinal laparoscopic examination of the contralateral side during repair of inguinal hernia in children is a simple, safe and quick method to avoid systematic bilateral explorations and should be part of every pediatric surgeon's experience.

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