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The Oath of the Hebrew Physician

Medical cadets
You stand today before your teachers in the ways of medicine and its principles to take the medical oath and to fulfill the covenant to the best of your ability and judgement for the purpose of establishing a generation of physicians instilled with the desire to act and the belief in its mission to provide relief to those in pain.


And this is the covenant which I contract with you today:

·       You will fulfill your duty day and night to stand by the sick in their distress at any time and at any hour.

·       And fully serve human life from its emergence from the mother’s womb and the welfare of humans will unceasingly be your ultimate consideration.

·       And you will aid the sick irrespective of whether they are converts or gentiles or citizens, whether they are ignominious or respected.

·       And you will have the wisdom to understand the soul of the sick, to lift their spirits with perspicacity and love of man.

·       Do not hasten to pass judgement and weigh your decisions on the scales of unqualified wisdom and experience.

·       Be loyal to those who put their trust in you, do not disclose their secrets and do not spread what you know to others.

·       Act to serve the health and welfare of the public and to alleviate the distress of the people.

·       Honor and respect your teachers who guided you in the knowledge of medicine

·       Seek wisdom and do not desist for it is your life and from it shall flow the outcomes of life.

·       Heed the dignity of your friends for in honoring them you will be honored.


You will cherish the words of this covenant in your mind and in your heart and follow them and all answer Amen.

Amen thus we shall do

We hope your endeavors will glorify the heritage of medicine
Prof. L. Heylprin, 1912, Jerusalem