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WMA (World Medical Association)


The WMA is an apolitical and independent international organization, consisting of 111 member organizations, representing millions of physicians worldwide. The WMA endeavors to ensure the independence of physicians and promote the highest possible standards of medical ethics, by providing guidance to physicians through its declarations, resolutions and statements. The IMA is an active member of the WMA and participates in numerous work groups. IMA President Professor Eidelman is currently president-elect of the WMA. Dr. Blachar, former IMA president, also served as president of the WMA in 2009 and as Council Chairman from 2003-2006. The IMA has initiated policy papers and also assisted in the revision of the International Code of Medical Ethics which outlines a physician’s duties to patients and colleagues, and collaborated in the phrasing of the Statement on Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare.  Adv. Leah Wapner, secretary-general and legal advisor of the Israeli Medical Association currently serves as the legal advisor to the WMA.