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Sat, 13.07.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume 9

Journal 7, July 2007
pages: 513-516

A Combined Approach to the Molecular Analysis of Cystinuria: from Urinalysis to Sequencing via Genotyping


    Background: Cystinuria is an autosomal recessive disease that is manifested by kidney stones   and is caused by mutations in two genes: SLC3A1 on chromosome 2p and SLC7A9 on chromosome 19q. Urinary cystine levels in obligate carriers are often, but not always, helpful in identifying the causative gene.

    Objectives: To characterize the clinical features and analyze the genetic basis of cystinuria in an inbred Moslem Arab Israeli family.

    Methods: Family members were evaluated for urinary cystine and amino acid levels. DNA was initially analyzed with polymorphic markers close to the two genes and SLC7A9 was fully sequenced.

    Results: Full segregation was found with the marker close to SLC7A9. Sequencing of this gene revealed a missense mutation, P482L, in the homozygous state in all three affected sibs.

    Conclusions: A combination of urinary cystine levels in obligate carriers, segregation analysis with polymorphic markers, and sequencing can save time and resources in the search for cystinuria mutations.


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