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עמוד בית Wed, 11.12.19

About IMAJ

The Israel Medical Association Journal (IMAJ), representing medical sciences and medicine in Israel, is published in English by the Israel Medical Association.

The Israel Medical Association Journal (IMAJ) was initiated in 1999.

The editor is Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld and the deputy editors are ProfShuki (Joshua) Shemer and Prof. Gad Keren.

IMAJ is distributed to 20,000 members of the Israel Medical Association and to additional subscribers in Israel and worldwide. It replaces the former Israel Journal of Medical Sciences and the editor was Prof Moshe Privas.

IMAJ publishes original articles and reviews, editorials, case reports and other feature columns, such as Images in Clinical Medicine, conference reports, book reviews, medical education, current and historical viewpoints, Israel’s ultra-new state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and treatment. Unique is IMAJ’s coverage of specific regional issues - infectious and parasitic diseases, effects of the local environment on morbidity and mortality, Jewish genetic diseases, epidemiology of subpopulations - relevant to medical practice in distant countries with similar biopsychosocial problems. 

Imaj’s impact factor for year 2016 is 1.036. The journal is indexed in Science Citation Index ExpandedTM (ScisearchR), ISI Alerting Services, Current ContentsR /Clinical Medicine, Index Medicus and MEDLINE. 

For further information or inquiries please contact:

IMA Publications

Tel: (972-3) 610-0418
Fax: (972-3) 575-1616


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