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Sat, 22.06.24

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January 2008
Y. Shoenfeld, M. Blank, M. Abu-Shakra, H. Amital, O. Barzilai, Y. Berkun, N. Bizzaro, B. Gilburd, G. Zandman-Goddard, U. Katz, I. Krause, P. Langevitz, I.R. Mackay, H. Orbach, M. Ram, Y. Sherer, E. Toubi and M.E. Gershwin
E. Toubi

Among the several mechanisms that play a role in maintaining peripheral self-tolerance is the existence of a unique CD4+CD25+ population of naturally occurring regulatory T cells, which actively prevent both the activation and the effector function of autoreactive T cells that have escaped different mechanisms of tolerance. Many studies have shown the benefit of targeting this cell population by restoring self-tolerance. Therapies that could possibly increase the suppressive ability of T regulatory cells were proven to improve the course of autoimmune diseases.

January 2007
Shihada, J. Ben-David, A. Brodsky, E. Toubi and M. Luntz.
January 2001
Aharon Kessel, MD, Elias Toubi, MD, Theo Dov Golan, MD, Aurora Toubi, MD, Jorge G. Mogilner, MD and Michael Jaffe, MB ChB, CPD, CH
May 2000
Elias Toubi, MD, Aharon Kessel, MD, Anna Blant, MD and Sergio Szvalb, MD
March 2000
Elias Toubi, MD, Johana E. Naschitz, MD, Aharon Kessel, MD and Milo Fradis, MD
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