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Sat, 02.03.24

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April 2018
Shimi Barda PhD, Tomer Bar-Noy MD, Amnon Botchan MD, Ofer Lehavi MD, Haim Yavetz MD and Ron Hauser MD

Background: Male infertility is solely responsible for approximately 20% of all infertility in couples. Various factors have been proposed as having a negative effect on sperm quality; however, the reasons for the global decline in sperm parameters during the last few decades are still controversial. 

Objectives: To investigate the fluctuations of semen parameters (sperm concentration, motility, and morphology) in three sperm quality groups and to examine the trends of those parameters in the same men over time. 

Results: Our data showed deterioration in all semen parameters assessed in the group of men originally considered as having normal semen values according to the 2010 criteria of the World Health Organization. In contrast, we found significant improvement over time in all semen parameters in the group of men with severe oligo-terato-asthenozoospermia. 

Conclusions: Our results suggest that, although there were changes in sperm quality over time in the groups assessed, the clinical significance is negligible and does not necessarily justify a change in the therapeutic approach to infertility or sperm cryopreservation. 


December 2013
Nir Samuel, Anat K. Politansky, Ron Hoffman, Shlomit Itzkovich and Hanna Mandel
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