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Thu, 13.06.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 6, June 2000
pages: 433–437

Rheumatic Fever in the Nazareth Area during the Last Decade


    Background: Acute rheumatic fever is considered a relatively uncommon disease in developed countries. Although cases are encountered in the Nazareth area in Israel, no systematic study of this disease has been done in the last 20 years.

    Objective: To study the incidence and characteristics of acute rheumatic fever cases in the Nazareth area during the last decade.

    Methods: Cases of acute rheumatic fever diagnosed according to the modified Jones criteria were identified in two hospitals in the Nazareth area during the 10 years. These two hospitals receive about 75% of non-obstetric referrals to the emergency room. Clinical, laboratory and treatment data of these patients were documented and the incidence of disease calculated. The population census in the Nazareth area was obtained from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

    Results: Forty-four patients, with a mean age of 18 years, were identified. The mean annual incidence was 5 cases/100,000 population. Arthritis was found in 98% of the patients (migratory in 52%) and carditis in 34%, but only one patient had a subcutaneous nodule, and none had either erythema marginatum or chorea. Only one patient with carditis developed heart failure a few months later due to severe mitral stenosis.

    Conclusion: Rheumatic fever in the Nazareth area is still manifest. The mean age of the patients was higher than found previously. In only half of the patients was the arthritis migratory, with other major manifestations of rheumatic fever found only rarely.


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