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Mon, 22.07.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 1, January 2001
pages: 28-30

Analysis of Fractures of the Proximal Femur in the Jordanian Population


    Background: Proximal femur fractures represent a challenging medical problem worldwide. In recent years numerous reports have documented. a progressive increase in the incidence of hip fractures. In Jordan, this problem has not received sufficient attention, and to my knowledge, this is the first study to address the problem.

    Objective: To analyze the predisposing factors involved in the occurrence of proximal femur fractures seen at a major medical center in Jordan.

    Methods: A retrospective analysis was conducts of all patient admitted with hip fractures to King Hussein Hospital and the Royal Jordanian Rehabilitation Center at the King Hussein Medical Center over a 2 year period (1 January 1995 to 31 December 1996). We determined the associated chronic diseases and medications, mechanisms of injury, types of fractures and other circumstances in order to suggest preventive measures to decrease the incidence of this clinical problem.

    Results: We identified 216 cases of fracture: 43% occurred in people over the age of 80 years, 95% were due to low energy injuries (falls), and 69.5% occurred in females. Two or more co-morbid medical conditions were present in 70% of the cases.

    Conclusion: Since fractures of the hip in the study population in Jordan occurred predominantly as low energy injuries in the elderly, preventive measures should focus on fall avoidance.


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