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Mon, 22.07.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 1, January 2001
pages: 21-23

Hospitalization for General Medical Conditions among Diabetic Patients in Israel


    Background: Diabetes mellitus is a serious, costly and growing public health problem. Very few studies have been published on the economic impact of diabetes in Israel.

    Objective: To estimate health fund expenditures and rates of hospitalization for general conditions among the diabetic population in Israel.

    Methods: The total number of hospitalization. All hospitals in Israel were included.

    Results: There were 618,317 general admissions for a total of 3,005,288 hospitalization days. Analysis by age revealed that diabetic patients over age 45 represented 18.3% of all admissions and 17.5% of all hospitalization days. The average stay in hospital expenditure of the GSF for general medical conditions among diabetic patients in 1998 was estimated at US $173,455,790, of which 57% accounted for the daily hospitalization cost. Of the total hospital expenditures for that year, 13.3% was allocated to patients with diabetes of whom 96.4% were over 45 years old.

    No significant difference was found between males and females.

    Conclusion: Hospital expenditures for diabetic people increase with patient age and represent one-fifth of the total health insurance expenditure for the middle-aged and elderly population.

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