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Mon, 22.07.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 1, January 2001
pages: 13-16

Evaluation of C-Reactive Protein, Fibrinogen and Antithrombin-III as Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease


    Background: inflammation is an important feature of atherosclerotic lesions and increased production of the actuephase reactant. The contribution of coagulation factor to the development of coronary artery disease has not yet been clearly established.

    Objective: To test whether C-reactive protein, fibrinogen and antithrombin-III are associated with angiograpic CAD, history of myocardial infarction and extensive atherosclerotic involvement.

    Methods: Blood samples were tested for CRP, fibrinogen and AT-III levels from 219 individuals undergoing coronary angiography.

    Results: CRP was higher in patients with CAD (0.95 + 1.31, n=180, vs. 0.39 + 0.61 mg/dl, n=39, P<0.0001) and in those with a history of MI (1.07 + 1.64, n=96, vs. 0.65 + 0.72 mg/dl, n=84, P<0.05) than in control subjects. The patients who developed unstable angina had higher CRP levels than the patients with stable CAD (2.07 + 2/38, n=7, vs. 0.80 + 1.13 mg/dl, n=173, P<0.001).

    Fibrinogen was significantly higher in patients with CAD (298 + 108 vs. 258 + 63 mg/dl, P<0.01). In patients with CAD, mean AT-III value was less than in patients without CAD, but this difference was found in CRP, fibrinogen and AT-III values among the patients with single, double or triple vessel disease.

    Conclusion: CRP is elevated in patients with CAD and a history of MI. Elevated levels of CRP at the time of hospital admission is a predictive value for future ischemic events.

    There is an association between higher levels of fibrinogen and CAD. The association of AT-III levels with CAD needs testing in further studies.


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