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עמוד בית Mon, 06.04.20

Editorial Board

Yehuda Shoenfeld MD FRCP MaACR: Editor in Chief

Joshua Shemer MD and Gad Keren MD: Associate Editors


Editorial Board:


Abu-Shakra Mahmoud, MD

Israeli Eitan, MD

Afek Arnon, MD

Katz Amos, MD

Amital Howard, MD

Kopolovic Yuri, MD

Atar Dan, MD

Kotler Moshe, MD

Ashkenazi Shai, MD

Kreiss Itshak, MD

Balbir-Gurman Alexandra, MD

Mittelman Moshe, MD

Baniel Jack, MD

Nissan Aviram, MD

Barshack Iris, MD

Niv Yaron, MD

Barzilai Asher, MD

Ophir Avinoam, MD

Belhassen Bernard, MD

Raanani Pia, MD

Ben Yehuda Dina, MD

Rivkind Avraham, MD

Birkenfeld Shlomo, MD

Rosin Danny, MD

Blachar Yoram, MD

Salai Moshe, MD

Blum Arnon, MD

Seidman Daniel, MD

Chapman Joab, MD

Sherer Yaniv, MD

Ciechanover Aaron, MD

Skorecki Karl, MD

Eidelman Leonid, MD

Sofer Shaul, MD

Eisenberg Elon, MD

Solt Ido, MD

Eshed Iris, MD

Sonnenblick Moshe, MD

Glick Shimon, MD

Talmi Yoav, MD

Goddard Gisele, MD

Toubi Elias, MD

Grossman Ehud, MD

Tur-Kaspa Ran, MD

Grotto Itamar, MD

Yinnon Amos, MD

Gurman Gabriel, MD

Yosefy Chaim, MD

Hagay Zion, MD

Zimlichman Eyal, MD

Halevy Sima, MD  
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