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Tue, 23.07.24

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April 2006
L. Kaplun, Y. Ivantsiv, A. Bakhrat, R. Tzirkin, K. Baranes, N. Shabek, and D. Raveh

We describe a unique E3, the F-box protein, Ufo1, of yeast. Ufo1 recruits the mating switch endonuclease, Ho, to the SCF complex for ubiquitylation. In addition to the F-box and WD40 protein-protein interaction domains found in all F-box proteins, Ufo1 has a unique domain comprising multiple copies of the ubiquitin-interacting motif. Ufo1 interacts with the UbL-UbA protein, Ddi1, via its UIMs[1], and this is required for turnover of SCF Ufo1 complexes. This is a novel function for an UbL-UbA protein. Deletion of the genomic UFO1 UIMs is lethal and our data indicate that Ufo1ΔUIM acts as a dominant negative leading to inhibition of the SCF pathway of substrate degradation and to cell cycle arrest. Furthermore, we found that Ddi1 is required for the final stages of degradation of Ho endonuclease. In the absence of Ddi1, Ho does not form a complex with the 19S RP and is stabilized. Stabilization of Ho leads to perturbation of the cell cycle and to the formation of multi-budded cells. Our experiments uncover a novel role for the ubiquitin-proteasome system in maintenance of genome stability.

[1] UIM = ubiquitin-interacting motif

October 2002
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