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June 2002
Alexander Guber, MD, Eyal Morris, MD, Baruch Chen MD and Shaul Israeli, MD

Background: Ventilator-dependent patients represent an increasing clinical, logistic and economic burden.  An alternative solution might be monitored home care with high-tech ventilatory support systems. 

Objectives: To explore the implications of such home-care management, such as its impact on quality of life and its cost-effectiveness, and to assess the practical feasibility of this mode of home care in Israel.

Methods: We surveyed 25 partly or fully home-ventilated patients (17 males and 8 females), average age 37.6 years (range 1–72), who were treated through a home-care provider during a 2 year period.

Results: Most patients (n=18) had a neuromuscular respiratory disorder.  The average hospital stay of these patients prior to entry into the home-care program was 181.2 days/per patient.  The average home-care duration was 404.9 days/per patient (range 60–971) with a low hospitalization rate of 3.3 ± 6.5 days/per patient.  The monthly expenditure for home care of these patients was one-third that of the hospital stay cost ($3,546.9 vs. $11,000, per patient respectively).  The patients reported better quality of life in the home-care environment, as assessed by the Sickness Impact Profile questionnaire. 

Conclusions: Home ventilation of patients in Israel by home-care providers is a practical and attractive treatment modality in terms of economic benefits and quality of life.

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