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August 2019
Baruch Levi PhD, Malke Borow JD, Leah Wapner JD LLM and Zeev Feldman MD

Global trends, such as the population aging, the increase of chronic morbidity, soaring costs of healthcare services, and work overload in hospitals raise the need to find innovative solutions for providing quality medical services. One solution adopted by healthcare systems around the world is "home hospitalization," that is, providing an array of necessary health services in the patient's home, instead of in the hospital department. The aim of this focus article is to explore the spread of home hospitalization worldwide and examine the challenges and pathways for its adoption and implementation. Many countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, operate home-based hospitalization programs. In Israel, the service is in its infancy, but in view of the extreme workload and the high mortality rate from infections in acute care hospitals, home hospitalization has recently gained public interest and political support, which may encourage its further development.

April 2018
Malke Borow JD, Baruch Levi MA and Rivka Carmi MD

In this article, we offer a brief summary of the report from the Task Force for the Promotion of the Status of Women in Medicine in Israel. The task force, formed by the Israel Medical Association in 2013, published a comprehensive report in May 2015 dedicated to the promotion of equal opportunities for female doctors in the Israeli healthcare system and in the academic world. The aim of this paper is to present the work of the task force and to highlight its main principles and recommendations against the backdrop of the gender revolution in the Israeli healthcare system and worldwide.


October 2009
S. Kivity, M. Borow and Y. Shoenfeld
June 2009
Y. Shoenfeld, J. Shemer, G. Keren, Y. Blachar, L.A. Eidelman and M. Borow
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