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April 2012
G.M. Weisz, A. Grzybowski and W.R. Albury

The Warsaw Ghetto, in existence from 1940 to 1943, was the largest ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe. The 400,000–500,000 Jews incarcerated within its walls were deprived not only of food and medicine but also of education. Nonetheless, Jewish physicians served the community as befits their profession, and against all odds obtained permission to conduct a course on sanitary measures to combat epidemics, which they transformed into a veritable, clandestine medical school. This review follows the fate of the school faculty, with an emphasis on the achievements of the survivors.

May 2011
G.M. Weisz

This medical history essay claims a medical fraud committed by the authorities, and used as a pretext for the November 1938 anti-Jewish Kristallnacht pogrom throughout the Third Reich. The suggested conspiracy covered up the real cause of death of the German Embassy's secretary in Paris. Baron Ernst vom Rath had been shot by a Jewish teenager who was frantic because of the plight of his family. A surgical analysis of the victim's injuries, and of the medical attention he received, suggests the likelihood of medical malpractice which led to his preventable demise.

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