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Fri, 21.06.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume 19

Journal 11, November 2017
pages: 691-695

Surgical Treatment of Neuroblastoma



Neuroblastoma is the most common non-central nervous system (CNS) solid malignant tumor in children. The surgical treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma presents a challenge, and the benefits of aggressive surgical resection have been called into question.


To examine our experience with surgical resection of neuroblastoma.


We report on a retrospective chart review of our preliminary surgical experience in 25 patients with neuroblastoma who underwent surgery performed by a single surgeon at two institutions over a 3 year period. Demographic data, including stage of tumor and risk stratification, were recorded. Primary outcome was total gross resection. Patients were followed for 3 years after surgery.


We found that 80% of the patients, including those with high-risk neuroblastoma tumors, had total gross resection of their tumor with minimal operative morbidity and no mortality; 88% had greater than 90% resection of their tumor. Overall, 3 year survival was 84% (21/25).


Resection of neuroblastoma, even large, high-risk, bilateral tumors, was possible when performed by surgical teams with considerable experience.

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