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Mon, 22.07.24


IMAJ | volume

Journal 2, February 2000
pages: 147-150

Procalcitonin Correlates with C-Reactive Protein as an Acute-Phase Reactant in Pediatric


    Background: Previous reports on the behavior of procalcitonin blood levels in diverse clinical conditions suggest that it is part of the activation of cellular immunity and is another acute-phase reactant.

    Objective: To compare procalcitonin with C-reactive protein, a well-known acute-phase reactant, in a series of acutely febrile pediatric patients and to review recent literature on procalcitonin.

    Methods: Procalcitonin and CRP levels were evaluated in 38 blood samples of pediatric patients who were admitted to the Dana Children’s Hospital for evaluation of unexplained fever or for sepsis work-up.

    Results: The parallelism between procalcitonin and CRP was found to be highly significant (P<0.01).

    Conclusion: The rise of procalcitonin blood levels in febrile pediatric patients suggests that it is part of the acute-phase reaction, parallel with the CRP reaction.


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