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Mon, 15.07.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 12, December 2001
pages: 888-892

The Family Physician, the Patient and the Hospital


    Background: Family physicians coordinate the care of their patients and follow them in a longitudinal manner. Do they have a role to play while their patients are hospitalized? Does the system of care expect them to play a role, and how does it support or integrate it?

    Objectives: To discuss the various models of relations between hospital and primary care physicians in the world as compared to those in Israel.

    Method: Short cases are reported describing the author’s personal experiences and difficulties encountered in a family practice.

    Discussion: Identifying and defining problems encountered, as well as their origin and development within the history and evolution of the system of delivery of care in Israel, will lead to some suggestions for a possible solution. Maturation of the system, especially education of the junior staff within the hospital system, is still needed to facilitate the hospital-physician relationship.

    Conclusion: More active participation of the family physician offers added value to patients’ management during their hospital stay and is welcomed by them. The full implementation of a system promoting continuity of care requires further attempts at developing suitable models of cooperation between hospital and family physicians.


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