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Sun, 16.06.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 6, June 2013
pages: 345-346

Current Practice in Acute Flexor Tendon Repair in Israel


     Background: Various methods of core suture and suture material are used successfully in acute flexor tendon repair.

    Objectives: To assess the current practice in acute flexor tendon repair among Israeli hand surgeons.

    Methods: A five-question survey was conducted among certified hand surgeons in Israel regarding their preferred materials and method for performing acute flexor tendon repair.

    Results: Forty-eight hand surgeons participated in the survey. The most widely used core suture in zone 2 (58.3%), as well as in zones 3 and 4 (62.5%), was the modified Kessler type. The most widely used suture material was nylon. All surgeons incorporated epitendinous sutures to augment their core sutures. 

    Conclusions: The modified Kessler core suture technique is the most widely used technique among Israeli hand surgeons for repairing acute flexor tendon lacerations in zones 2, 3 and 4. This finding agrees with worldwide data and with emerging data attesting to the lower risk of adhesion formation and postoperative tendon ruptures with this method. The core suture technique initially popularized by the late Prof. Isidor Kessler, who headed our department during the years 1973–92, remains the most practiced acute flexor tendon repair technique among hand surgeons in Israel. 

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