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Sun, 26.05.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume

Journal 7, July 2004
pages: 392-395

Hyperthermia Combined with Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Local Recurrent Breast Cancer


    Background: Hyperthermia combined with radiation therapy was shown to be more effective in local recurrent breast cancer than radiotherapy alone, but it use is limited due to technical difficulties, stringent reimbursement policies and because it is time consuming.

    Objectives: To report our experience with a simple and convenient XRT+HT[1] delivery system.

    Methods: XRT was delivered through either electron or photon beams (total dose 30–40 Gy in previously irradiated fields or 50–70 Gy in non-irradiated fields). Hyperthermia was delivered by a dedicated HT device operating at 915 MHz. The heating session lasted 45 minutes. The maximal tumor surface temperature was set at 45°C and modified according to patient comfort. No intratumoral (invasive) thermometry was used. At least two HT sessions were scheduled to each HT field during the entire XRT treatment period. Tumor response was evaluated every 3 months after completion of treatment. The overall survival was measured from XRT+HT initiation until the last follow‑up.

    Results: Fifteen women underwent 114 HT treatments delivered through 28 HT fields. Twenty-four HT fields (15 patients) were previously irradiated. There was complete infield response in 10 fields (6 patients), partial response in 8 fields (4 patients), no response or progressive disease in 4 fields (3 patients), and no parameters in 6 fields (5 patients). Eighteen (64%) fields had complete or partial response. Seven patients had outfield recurrence despite wide XRT+HT fields. Ulceration was the only major side effect (three patients, three fields).

    Conclusions: The combined HT+XRT delivery system, with no invasive thermometry, is a simple and effective method for treating local recurrent breast cancer.

    [1] XRT-HT = radiation therapy-hyperthermia

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