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IMAJ | volume

Journal 6, June 2004
pages: 336-338

Endoscopic Laser-Assisted Posterior Ventriculocordectomy Without Tracheostomy for Bilateral Vocal Cord Immobility


    Background: Laryngeal obstruction due to bilateral vocal cord immobility in adduction may cause dyspnea, hoarseness and dysphagia and can lead to dependence on a tracheostomy. Treatment poses a challenge because of the opposing functions of the larynx and the risk of neck and laryngeal tissue damage.

    Objectives: To describe our experience with endoscopic CO2-laser-assisted posterior ventriculocordectomy without tracheostomy for the treatment of bilateral vocal cord immobility in adduction.

    Method: The study group consisted of five male and five female patients aged 17–81 years. The procedure was performed with an endoscope and operating microscope connected to a CO2 laser. A C-shaped incision was made, and the posterior third of one vocal cord, the vocal process of the arytenoid, and the posterior third of the false vocal cord were excised. Tracheostomy was not performed.

    Results: The technique allowed for a convenient approach to the difficult-to-view areas of the larynx. The procedure was short and bloodless, with minimal damage to laryngeal tissue and no local edema. Hospitalization time was short. Postoperatively, patients had sufficient breathing and mostly fair to good voice quality. None of the patients had severe aspirations and only three patients had mild aspirations.

    Conclusions: We recommend this procedure for patients with bilateral vocal cord immobility prior to tracheostomy. Delaying surgery beyond the time of possible re-innervation may place the patient at risk of decompensation, which requires tracheostomy.

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