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Tue, 16.07.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume 8

Journal 1, January 2006
pages: 27-29

One Year Maintenance of Carboplatin in Patients with Epithelial Ovarian Cancer - A Phase II Study


    Background: The 5 year survival rate in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer is 25–40% and treatment is mainly palliative once the disease recurs.

    Objectives: To determine the time to progression, overall survival and toxicity of 1 year maintenance treatment with carboplatin in women with advanced EOC[1] after achieving complete remission with platinum‑based combination chemotherapy.

    Methods: Twenty-two women with epithelial ovarian cancer stage III-IV previously treated with platinum‑based combinations who had achieved complete remission evidenced by symptoms, pelvic examination, computerized tomography and serum CA-125, were assigned to the study protocol consisting of: carboplatin of AUC=6, three cycles every 2 months, followed by two cycles once every 3 months for a total of five courses over 1 year.

    Results: Median follow‑up in the 22 patients was 83 months (range 18–133 months), median disease‑free survival was 36 months (range 2.5–126.4, 95% confidence interval 16.39–56.34). The 5 year survival was 59.7% with a mean overall survival of 83 months (range 18–133, 95% CI[2] 39.11-127.29). Eleven patients have relapsed and died, 11 are alive, 6 are still in complete remission, and 5 are alive with recurrent disease. Grade III-IV toxicity was shown in some of the patients, anemia in 9%, thrombocytopenia in 9%, fatigue in 4.5%, and hypersensitivity in 4.5%.

    Conclusions: A 1 year extension of treatment with a single‑agent carboplatin, administered to women with advanced EOC who had achieved complete recovery on platinum‑based chemotherapy as their first‑line therapy, has an acceptable toxicity. The disease-free survival and overall survival values noted in this study are encouraging and warrant further investigation.

    [1] EOC = epithelial ovarian cancer
    [2] CI = confidence interval

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