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Sport-Related Eye Injury in Northern Israel

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Click on the icon on the upper right hand side for the article written by Michael Yulish MD, Noam Reshef MD, Aleks Lerner MD and Joseph Pikkel MD.
IMAJ 2013: 15: December: 763-764

 Background: Eye injuries are common in sports. Sports-related eye injuries have the potential for major morbidity.

Objectives: To investigate the occurrence and to classify sport-related eye trauma in northern Israel.

Methods: We analyzed the records of the ophthalmology emergency department for the years 2007–2011 and classified the admissions according to type, severity of injury and demographic data.

Results: In 2% of the patients the injuries occurred during a sport activity. Most of the injuries occurred during soccer, basketball or school sport activity (74%). The majority of patients were young males.

Conclusions: Most sports-related eye injuries can be prevented with adequate eye protection.