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Harefuah” – a medical-scientific periodical that publishes a wide variety of articles written by the most prominent physicians in Israel. The periodical has been published monthly since 1920. Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld serves as chief editor and Prof. Yehoshua (Shuki) Shemer and Prof. Gadi Keren act as assistant editors.

The main goal of the journal is to update its readers about all areas of medicine in Israel and the throughout the world. The articles published are written by the most renowned doctors in Israel and the journal serves as a source of comprehensive and reliable information concerning all aspects of medicine in Israel.

Doctors that are IMA members receive the “Harefuah” journal free of charge as part of their membership fees.

The abstracts are displayed in English, however the full-length articles (PDF format) are displayed in Hebrew.


Readers interested in acquiring articles that appear on the Harefuah website (from the year 2000 only) should send an email to harefuah@ima.org.il with the citation details. The charge for this service is $30. Please provide your credit card number and expiry date.