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Scholarships in Israel and Abroad

The IMA World Fellowship assists physicians planning to expand their professional studies abroad. For many years, the IMA and World Fellowship chapters have awarded grants and scholarships, thanks to which hundreds of Israeli physicians have been able to accept fellowship positions overseas. 

These physicians not only contribute their professional knowledge when they complete their fellowships, but serve as representatives of the State of Israel and Israeli medicine abroad. 
The World Fellowship Grants Committee convenes once a year to evaluate prospective candidates. 

The grants are presented at a special ceremony attended by IMA leadership, grantees and their families and representatives from other hospitals and organizations who have donated funds. The grants are presented in memory of deceased physicians, adding another dimension to an already meaningful tradition. Invited speakers eulogize the physicians and loved ones are invited to attend. 

Grant request forms may be viewed in the attached file (in Hebrew). Please note the deadline and other criteria. Grants are awarded in June.  

If you would like more information, please contact: international@ima.org.il