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July 2008
A. Unterman and S. D. Moscavitch
February 2004
D. Mandel, Y. Littner, F.B. Mimouni, Z. Stavarovsky and S. Dollberg

Background: Increased serum potassium and intraventricular hemorrhage occur frequently in preterm infants.

Objective: To retrospectively analyze data obtained on infants with severe IVH[1] in relation to blood K+ concentrations.

Methods: We identified all patients with severe IVH born between July 1997 and July 2000. Each patient was pair-matched with a control infant of the same gestational age (±1 week) without IVH in terms of head ultrasound findings on day 5, and whole blood K+ on days 3–5.

Results: There were 24 infants in each group. The IVH group had significantly lower 1 minute Apgar scores and pH and higher blood K+ than the control group. Blood pH and K+ were inversely correlated. Stepwise regression analysis, taking into account blood pH and 1 minute Apgar score, showed a correlation only between blood K+ and IVH status.

Conclusions: Severe IVH is significantly associated with higher blood K+ concentrations. A causal relationship cannot be ascertained at this point.

[1] IVH = intraventricular hemorrhage

January 2002
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