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Mon, 22.07.24

Original Articles

IMAJ | volume 14

Journal 3, March 2012
pages: 157-161

Streptokinase Fibrinolysis Protocol: The Advantages of a Non-Operative Treatment for Stage II Pediatric Empyema Patients



    : Pediatric empyema necessitates prompt resolution and early hospital discharge with minimal morbidity. However, the most effective treatment approach is not yet established.


    To assess the efficacy of an intrapleural streptokinase washing protocol as a non-operative treatment for stage II pediatric empyema as compared to operative decortications, by the number of pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) admissions, length of PICU stay and hospitalization duration.


    We retrospectively evaluated 75 consecutive pediatric empyema cases for the period January 2006 to December 2009. Since July 2007 we have used repeated streptokinase-based pleural washing for stage II patients whose condition did not improve with chest drainage.


    Before July 2007, 17 of 23 stage II empyema patients underwent decortication, compared to only 1 of 21 after July 2007. Non-operated children were admitted to the PICU less frequently than those who were operated (83% vs. 31%, P = 0.0006), spent less time in the PICU (2.56 ± 1.92 vs. 1.04 ± 1.9 days, P = 0.0148), with no significant statistical difference in overall hospitalization (13.33 ± 3.69 vs. 11.70 ± 5.74 days, P=0.301).


    Using intrapleural streptokinase washing as a non-operative treatment for stage II pediatric empyema yielded comparable success rates to the operative approach, with less morbidity.

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