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עמוד בית
Fri, 19.07.24

Trauma and Toxicoloy

IMAJ | volume

Journal 2, February 2000
pages: 135-137

Secondary Enuresis: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Children after Car Accidents


    Background: In our experience, secondary enuresis nocturna is a common complaint among children after a motor vehicle accident.  However, as these children are often brought for examination as part of an insurance compensation claim, this complaint is not always reliable.

    Objective: To describe a series of children in whom secondary enuresis occurred after a motor vehicle accident.

    Methods and Results: Five children were brought to our clinic for evaluation of secondary nocturnal enuresis. Review of past history revealed a car accident preceding the onset of the enuresis. All but one had additional behavioral symptoms typical of post-traumatic stress disorder. Four children had evidence of head trauma, and one had psychological but no physical trauma. 

    Conclusions: Nocturnal enuresis can occur after a motor vehicle accident due either to purely psychological trauma or organic head trauma. While nocturnal enuresis is generally attributed to organic causes, psychological mechanisms also play a significant role.

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