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עמוד בית
Sun, 21.07.24


IMAJ | volume 9

Journal 10, October 2007
pages: 742-747

Current Controversies in the Surgical Management of Colorectal Cancer Metastases to the Liver


    Surgical resection offers the best opportunity for cure in patients with colorectal cancer metastasis to the liver, with 5 year survival rates of up to 58% following resection. However, only a small percentage of patients are eligible for resection at the time of diagnosis and the average recurrence rate is still high. Consequently, research endeavors have focused on methods aimed to increase the number of patients eligible for surgical resection, refine the selection criteria for surgery, and improve the disease-free and overall survival time in these patients. Improvements in imaging techniques and the increasing use of FDG-PET allow more accurate preoperative staging and superior identification of patients likely to benefit from surgical resection. Advances in the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy allows up to 38% of patients previously considered unresectable to be significantly downstaged and eligible for hepatic resection. Many reports have critically evaluated the surgical techniques applied to liver resection, the concurrent or alternative use of local ablative therapies, such as radiofrequency ablation, and the subsequent utilization of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients undergoing surgical resection for hepatic metastases.

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